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Seed Sages is raising funds for Reclaim our seeds, cultivate diverse food with Seed Sages on Kickstarter! Save our agricultural biodiversity, flavorful foods, and our seed rights by reclaiming our seeds and fostering a diverse food future.


Seed Sages is an educational endeavor that is based in the Twin Cities and offers seed services in many regional areas throughout the midwest and beyond. We provide seed consultations, designs, trainings, and research for seed production.

Our mission is to re-skill our garden and farm communities in the art of seed saving and breeding to strengthen the foundation of our local food systems: our seed systems.


For thousands of years our ancestors honed the ability to utilize wild and cultivated seeds. Due to farm mechanization and seed industry consolidation, we have become dependent on seeds from afar and lost seed growing skills. It is time to re-connect to and refine our stewardship with some of the most dormant yet life-giving beings on our earth: our seeds.


"SAGE" means to become wise through experience. We offer various levels of training (basic to breeder) over the course of guided, experiential classroom and fieldwork. At the end of training with us, we hope that each participant will know how to steward at one (minimum) plant type and graduate with the honors of a "Seed Sage".

Koby Jeschkeit-Hagen, Founder and Guide

Koby Jeschkeit-Hagen is one seed saver along a long line of great teachers and breeders before her. While her daytime job farm management and community outreach coordination, seed stewardship and biodiversity conservation is a driving force behind her work. Starting out as an intern at a small, family-owned CSA in Colorado, she continued her farm sabbatical for several years to work at educational, research, biointensive, urban youth, and seed-saving farms across the country, including Emandal Farm, JD Rivers Children’s Garden, Seed Savers Exchange, Seeds of Change, and Ecology Action. With a masters in Community and Regional Planning (Environment and Natural Resources emphasis), a PDC from the Permaculture Drylands Institute, and a permaculture teacher certificate, she draws on many approaches to share diverse seed saving, farming and community-building methods. If you ever fail to find her apart from seed work, she can be found spending time with her family, growing food, cooking, running/biking, and laughing/teasing/being silly. 

Join Our Team

We are an educational team that starts with people and seeds - from ground up. In addition to trained professionals, many seed “experts’ are those who love a particular crop and/or have been doing it for years. If you would like to showcase your techniques, teach a specific seed skill, or work with us in another capacity, send us a message.


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They tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds. Mexican Proverb